What is Elena IVTS !

Elena IVTS is unique Indian monitoring system conforming to Indian standards. It includes tracking device that is compact, water proof and easy to install.


There are lot of benefits in using Elena IVTS system, some of them are given below.

  • • Better control of vehicles.
  • • Saving money by correct routing based on our data.
  • • Reduce idle running time and save fuel cost.
  • • Increase vehicle life through our management system.
  • • Monitor many vehicles from one place by one man.
  • • Saves telephone cost for controlling the vehicles.


We provide various reports based on the customers demand they are sent automatically to the customers mail id on regular intervals like daily, weekly, monthly.

  • • Distance covered Report.
  • • Idle time report.
  • • Stoppage report.
  • • Speed violation report.
  • • Trip Report.
  • • Route Deviation Report.
  • • Consolidated Report.


Elena IVTS range of hardware are a powerful set of tracking devices, with hassle free installation. They are very compact, dust proof and tamper proof.

  • • Best suited for light vehicles, mini load carriers and two wheelers.
  • • Theft deduction, speed limit, towing notice.
  • • An ideal match for a small business man.
  • • Saving money by correct routing.
  • • Save fuel cost..

We also have high-end devices for specialist use

About Elena

'Sky is the Limit' is old saying; We believe in "Space", the boundless and the new dimension to human efforts

Who are we?

Elena is an Indian company that has developed GNSS based monitoring solutions for the Asian region through its own research and development. Elena has presence from the chip level to the user systems level that integrates higher order business intelligence generation processes.

What we do?

We develop and implement dedicated turnkey monitoring solutions that will maximize human productivity, minimize accidents and preventlosses. We supply and maintain tracking Hardware,monitoring infrastructure for GNSS research and solution providers.